Which pond pump to choose

Pond Water Pumps – Which One to Choose.

There are many different pond water pumps that are suitable for garden ponds. Some are big and some are small; some sit in the water while others are housed above the ground. Some are powered by electricity and others work with solar power. Some are linked to mechanical filters while others are linked to biological filters. Some also have clarifiers that work with ultraviolet (UV) light.

So why do you need a pond pump at all? And how do you choose the right pump for your pond?

The most usual reasons for installing a pump in a pond are:

  • to power a filter unit,
  • to operate a fountain, or
  • to create a waterfall over a rockery of some kind.

Before you decide exactly which pump to buy, study the fish pond supplies available to you and see which pond pumps will best suit your needs. Just remember that the model you buy must be compatible with the volume of water in your pond.

Here are some examples of the different pumps you can choose from:

Filter pond pumps, that are able to handle solid waste (check what size particles) that the pump passes on to a biological filter. These are often used for ponds with waterfalls. Some can be left inside the pond during winter, even in the event of frost and snow.

Then there are combination units that combine a pump and filter in one fully integrated unit. A typical model of this type includes:

  • an ultra violet (UV) clarifier that clears algae and gets rid of green water,
  • a filter that is able to sieve away the solids that make the water murky and unhealthy for fish,
  • a variety of fountain heads that add to the effect in different ways, and sometimes also
  • a fitting that you can use to create waterfalls.

The beauty of these is that you simply place the unit in the water and you don’t need anything else. There is also only one power cord that connects it to the electricity supply. Some are suitable for preformed ponds as well as larger custom-built ponds.

Most floating pond pumps are suitable for ponds, and they are also ideal for use where deep water and dirty pond floors make it difficult to install a fountain. Be sure to check the minimum required water depth as well as the pattern the fountain will display.

Fountain pond pumps can be used to create an amazing display of water in ponds. Some are floating pumps and many of them include LEDs that are able to light up the water at night. A variety of fountain jets are available with all fountain pond pumps. These pumps may also be used with exciting new jumping jets that will enable you to create your own festive displays at night.

There are also various waterfall and fountain pumps that are powered by the sun. Solar technology has come of age, together with good, clean and renewable energy. So be sure to consider this option before making a final choice.

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