build Fish Pond 5 Reasons

Here Are Five Good Reasons Why You Should Build a Fish Pond.

For centuries water has been a source of fascination and inspiration to people of all cultures. For example in ancient Egypt when pleasure gardens were created along the banks of the River Nile, water soon became the most important component. But have you ever thought about why you should build a fish pond in your garden?

Perhaps you want to improve the appeal of your backyard. Or maybe you simply like the idea of keeping fish. Maybe you never even considered the idea until you spotted all the different fish pond supplies that are available.

Here are five good reasons for you to build a fish pond in your garden.

  1. A source of life. Water is a source of life for every civilization in the world, and it has been centuries. It is also a source of inspiration and, as such, provides food for the soul. A fish pond will bring precious water into your garden without wasting any water. It will also be a source of life for the fish you stock it with and all the other creatures that it will attract, from croaking frogs to beautiful ly colored damsel- and dragonflies.


  1. Personal satisfaction. The actual task of building and then stocking a fish pond can be incredibly satisfying. The more you do yourself, the more fulfilling it will be. Consider planning your own pond and then building or installing it yourself. Introduce plant life and watch to see how you are able to dramatically transform your own backyard in a very short space of time. Then stock it with fish and see how fascinating these creatures are when they come to the top of the pond to investigate movement and sound.


  1. Attract wildlife. A fish pond will attract all kinds of wildlife to your garden, including insects, butterflies, small amphibians and birds. Apart from the fact that all these creatures are fascinating to watch, they also contribute to the natural balance of the pond and its food chain. The only drawback is that if your pond attracts larger birds that may be a threat to the fish in your pond, you may need to cover the pond with a net.


  1. Add a sense of tranquility. A well-planned, properly constructed fish pond will often add a sense of tranquility and peace to your backyard and make it an outdoor area that you want to spend time in. By including a deck or patio into the landscape design, you will find that you can also use this area for al fresco entertaining or just for quiet family meals. In this environment you can make your fishpond a lifestyle experience.


  1. Excite you senses. If you build a fish pond and incorporate a fountain feature within it you will add the sound and movement of water, which can create a kind of excitement. You will soon discover that the sight and sound of moving water in the garden is difficult to beat. The sound as water splashes and sparkles can thrill the senses while quietly flowing water, perhaps from a man-made stream into the pond, can create a soothing sense of contentment.


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