30 Step-By-Step Ponds For You

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30 Step-by-Step Ponds Water Features You will find in this section of our website 30 easy to follow Step-by-Step Ponds and how-to's  to build all these Ponds, Pools, Water Features and Rockeries. Listed below are the links to the various sections, just click on each link that you want to go to those pages. BEFORE YOU START This section looks at...

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Below are a couple of our books that are still available on Amazon books. You could get a few more ideas and help from them.

Garden Pond Plants Need Winter Care – 4 Suggestions

garden pond plants like water lilies in a large Pond
Do Garden pond plants need winter care and preparation? I suggest that you prepare your garden pond plants for winter and benefit next spring. Lessen the task of winter preparation of garden pond plants. NOTE: This article was written for the northern hemisphere - remember this wherever dates are mentioned. NOTE2: Some areas of the United States do not allow certain of these...

Heating Koi Pond Water 12 Pointers

Hheating koi pond waters with snow on green branch
Pros & Cons of Heating Koi Pond Water in a new Koi Pond for Optimum Koi Pond Conditions   Heating Koi Pond Water However since we are talking of Heating Water in new koi ponds here and assuming the decision has been made that the water will be heated to maintain a constant temperature winter and summer then here are a few...

Overwintering Koi & Fish Ponds 8 Hints

Overwintering koi when it is cold
Advice on Overwintering Koi & Fish Ponds Winter Pond Koi Keeping & Freezing Pond Water in the USA & UK   Feeding Whilst Overwintering Koi Koi (Carp) are built to withstand very cold water and that means water which is actually frozen over for long periods of time in extreme winter weather. However it's important to maintain vigilance and carry out some basic koi pond...

Fish Pond Heating, 6 reasons why not

You need pond heating
Do You Need to Heat Your Pond Water? No! Want to Heat Your Koi Pond? Fish Pond Heating in USA, UK & Water Temperature Control. Pond Heating is a luxury few pond keepers can afford. Nor is it necessary for the vast majority of pond keepers (koi or otherwise). Here are a few fish pond keeping pointers for your consideration: 1 - Koi are...

Frozen Fish Ponds – 7 Reasons Why

frozen fish ponds
What If The Koi Pond Freezes In Winter? What To Do With Frozen Fish Ponds. Frozen koi ponds or gold fish ponds are generally referred to when the surface of the fish pond is frozen. This is the type of frozen fish pond we will discuss on this page... better described as a fish pond frozen over or a garden fish...

Koi & Fish Pond Water Temperature in Autumn 4 Checks

Pond Water Temperature Drop
Pond Water Temperature Changes: Fish Pond Water Temperature in Autumn You might have searched for: • Pond Temperature Drop • Sudden Pond Water Temperature Drop in The Autumn – What to Do? Autumn in the USA and the UK is traditionally one of the most unpredictable times of year with regards to the weather. Indian summers occur where sweltering hot days in early October...

Easy Build Planter Cascade in 11 steps

cascade after
Easy To Build Planter Cascade Like me you always say "Yes, I can do that one!" but never get around to doing it. Well you are in luck as I built this one in just a few hours and it looks great! Just follow my easy steps below. Small patio features often benefit from the addition of potted plants. This planter...

Small Natural-looking Pond in 5 steps

a small natural-looking pond
Install a Small Natural-looking Pond Although many small water features look artificial, it is possible to create a small natural-looking pond on a very small scale. This has the appearance of rock and you can choose any simulated stone product or even a small fiberglass shell. In some places, thermoplastic liners are manufactured to look like simulated rock. Installation of...