Clay puddled pond

How To Make a Bentonite Clay Pond

A Bentonite Clay Pond Step-by-Step Also known as Clay Puddling, this is how you make a natural pond without a liner. To create this bentonite clay pond the bentonite clay enables you to create a beautifully...
An unusual water feature

How To Finish Off Your Pond

Finishing off Your Water Feature or Pond Here is a list of useful items that you may need to complete your water feature and pond: (Click each one to read more) Ball Float Valve Pumps Pond Filters Garden Pond Lighting Garden...
Pond light

Choosing the Best Pond Light

Choosing the best lighting for your home is an essential process. But choosing effective garden lighting, in the form of patio lights or even just a simple pond light, is an afterthought for many...
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