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Pros & Cons of Heating Water in a New Koi Pond

Pros & Cons of Heating Water in a new Koi Pond for Optimum Koi Pond Conditions   Heating Koi Pond Water. However since we are talking of Heating Water in new koi ponds here and assuming the...
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Overwintering Koi & Fish Ponds

Advice on Overwintering Koi & Fish Ponds Winter Pond Koi Keeping & Freezing Pond Water in the USA & UK   Feeding Koi in Winter Koi (Carp) are built to withstand very cold water and that means water which...

Fish Pond Heating, Do You Heat Your Pond?

Do You Need to Heat Your Pond Water? No! Want to Heat Your Koi Pond? Fish Pond Heating in USA, UK & Water Temperature Control. Heating a fish pond is a luxury few pond keepers can afford. Nor...
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Frozen Fish Ponds

What If The Koi Pond Freezes In Winter? What To Do With Frozen Fish Ponds. You might have searched for: • Frozen Koi Ponds & Fish Ponds. • Ponds Freeze in Winter. • Pond Care in Freezing Winter Weather How...
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Koi & Fish Pond Water Temperature in Autumn

Pond Water Temperature Changes: Fish Pond Water Temperature in Autumn You might have searched for: • Pond Temperature Drop • Sudden Pond Water Temperature Drop in The Autumn – What to Do? Autumn in the USA and the UK...

Winter Care of Koi, Goldfish & Other Pond Fish

A pond in winter can be a demanding environment for even the hardiest of fish. Remember that koi are carp, and carp can tolerate a wide range of water temperatures. Care of Koi, Goldfish &...
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