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30 Step-By-Step Ponds For You

30 Step-by-Step Ponds Water Features You will find in this section of our website 30 easy to follow Step-by-Step Ponds and how-to's  to build all these Ponds, Pools, Water Features and Rockeries. Listed below are...
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Our Books

Below are a couple of our books that are still available on Amazon books. You could get a few more ideas and help from them.
garden pond plants like water lilies in a large Pond

Garden Pond Plants Need Winter Care – 4 Suggestions

Do Garden pond plants need winter care and preparation? I suggest that you prepare your garden pond plants for winter and benefit next spring. Lessen the task of winter preparation of garden pond plants. NOTE: This article...
Hheating koi pond waters with snow on green branch

Heating Koi Pond Water 12 Pointers

Pros & Cons of Heating Koi Pond Water in a new Koi Pond for Optimum Koi Pond Conditions   Heating Koi Pond Water However since we are talking of Heating Water in new koi ponds here and...
frozen fish ponds

Frozen Fish Ponds – 7 Reasons Why

What If The Koi Pond Freezes In Winter? What To Do With Frozen Fish Ponds. Frozen koi ponds or gold fish ponds are generally referred to when the surface of the fish pond is frozen. This...
Multiple Cascade Pond

Multiple Cascade Pond Built In 12 Steps

Build a Multiple Cascade Pond Multiple Cascade pond is a  superb pond for those who are not afraid of a challenge. Instead of the usual pond with rockeries and a waterfall supplied with recirculating water,...
Bentonite Clay puddled pond

12 Steps To Make a Bentonite Clay Pond

A Bentonite Clay Pond Step-by-Step Also known as Clay Puddling, this is how you make a natural pond without a liner. To create this bentonite clay pond the bentonite clay enables you to create a beautifully...
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Glossary Of Terms

Glossary of Pond Building Terms This is a glossary of terms that we have used throughout the website and will help you understand what the instructions are referring to in any of the building and...
what is the cost of your pond

Quantifying the Cost of Your Pond

Quantifying The Cost Of Your Pond Before you begin building or installing your water feature, it is sensible to ascertain exactly what the cost of your pond is going to be. Quantifying the Cost of...
Fish Pond design ideas

Understanding Fish Pond Design 6 Ideas

Fish Pond Design Is Exciting And Rewarding Many people call in landscapers when they decide to do garden improvements which include the creation of water features and construction of ponds. Other people opt to do...