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Buying Koi Pond Kits


All About Buying Koi Pond Kits

Koi Pond Kits are central if you are planning a koi pond, it will pay you to find out as much as possible about koi fish and types of ponds that are suitable for keeping koi successfully. Amongst other things, you need to be sure of the type of pond that will suit your needs, in terms of both size and structure, as well as the equipment that will allow them to thrive.

Generally, you can keep koi in any pond that is large enough for the number and size of the fish you plan to keep. This means that the construction method you decide to use must allow you to build a pond that is big enough. Most preformed ponds are on the small side, so unless you are only going to keep just a couple of koi, this is not going to be a suitable type. Flexible liners may be used to build larger ponds, or you can use concrete to construct them.

This is a sample of what you might get when you order a DIY Pond Kit ‘Click the pic above’ to check the price.

DIY With Koi Pond Kits

If you are into DIY, and don’t want to employ a company to do the work for you, you should have a look at what koi pond kits are available. These normally offer all the pond construction equipment you need to build your own koi pond. The most usual types come with a flexible pond liner, and you will find them alongside most other fish pond supplies. But be sure to compare different kits accurately. Make sure you know what materials and equipment you will be getting, and how much you will pay for it. Pump sizes may vary and so may filter types.

What to Expect From Koi Pond Kits

Here’s an example of what you might get in a quality koi pond kit:

  • an energy-efficient pond pump,
  • a biological filter (to keep the water in your pond clear and clean),
  • a skimmer unit usually with filter brushes,
  • all the plumbing components (including pipes and connectors) you need to install the pump and filter,
  • a skimmer box,
  • a cover (possibly a fake rock) that covers the skimmer where water flows out of the pond towards the pump,
  • a suitable flexible liner,
  • a fabric or geotextile underlay (that gets laid underneath the liner),
  • an underwater light (so you can see your gorgeous fish at night),
  • start-up water-treatment chemicals, and
  • well-prepared instructions that will show you exactly how to put everything together.

Sizes vary, but could range from 6 ft x 6 ft to 21 ft x 26 ft.

Here are the top 4 pond kits available now!

Sometimes dealers will supply fish with the kit, and then they may also include some koi food. But do not take this for granted.

Remember that koi are ornamental fish that grow quite large, so their eventual size must be considered when you plan the pond and eventually stock it. If the pond is too small, the fish simply will not thrive, even if they continue to grow bigger.

Unlike goldfish, koi need care, so do some reading about these incredible fish to be sure you are fully prepared.

Reading up on Koi care is essential

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