Prize winning koi for your step-by-step ponds

30 Step-By-Step Ponds For You

30 Step-by-Step Ponds Water Features You will find in this section of our website 30 easy to follow Step-by-Step Ponds and how-to's  to build all these Ponds, Pools, Water Features and Rockeries. Listed below are...
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Our Books

Below are a couple of our books that are still available on Amazon books. You could get a few more ideas and help from them.
Overwintering koi when it is cold

Overwintering Koi & Fish Ponds 8 Hints

Advice on Overwintering Koi & Fish Ponds Winter Pond Koi Keeping & Freezing Pond Water in the USA & UK   Feeding Whilst Overwintering Koi Koi (Carp) are built to withstand very cold water and that means water which...
Pond Water Temperature Drop

Koi & Fish Pond Water Temperature in Autumn 4 Checks

Pond Water Temperature Changes: Fish Pond Water Temperature in Autumn You might have searched for: • Pond Temperature Drop • Sudden Pond Water Temperature Drop in The Autumn – What to Do? Autumn in the USA and the UK...
shishi odoshi bamboo feature Fountain

Japanese Bamboo Feature Fountain in 12 Steps

Traditional Japanese Bamboo Feature Fountain (shishi-odoshi) The one DIY project that I always wanted to try is this Japanese Bamboo feature fountain. I came across some good sized bamboo growing along a river bank not far...
Wall mounted Fountain

Get A Wall Mounted Fountain – 11 Easy Steps

11 Easy Steps For A Wall Mounted Fountain Get a precast wall mounted fountain there are many available. Some, like this one, are supplied in two parts, but assembled as one unit, while others, also...
Multiple Cascade Pond

Multiple Cascade Pond Built In 12 Steps

Build a Multiple Cascade Pond Multiple Cascade pond is a  superb pond for those who are not afraid of a challenge. Instead of the usual pond with rockeries and a waterfall supplied with recirculating water,...
Bentonite Clay puddled pond

12 Steps To Make a Bentonite Clay Pond

A Bentonite Clay Pond Step-by-Step Also known as Clay Puddling, this is how you make a natural pond without a liner. To create this bentonite clay pond the bentonite clay enables you to create a beautifully...
small duck pond

20 Steps On How to Build a Small Duck Pond

We Show You How to Build a Small Duck Pond Ducks will make themselves at home in just about any reasonable container of water, from a large bowl to a swimming pool. If you are...
Best water for koi fish in a pond with lillies

Best Water for Koi Fish Ponds

The Best Water For Koi Fish Ponds The question is, what is the best water for koi fish? Koi ponds have become incredibly popular all over the world in the past 20 years. A kind...