Koi pond maintenance will keep your koi healthy
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Koi Pond Maintenance is Very Worthwhile

Do Not Skimp On Koi Pond Maintenance

Koi pond maintenance may sound like a drag, but if you want to get the most out of your koi pond, then pond maintenance needs to be a priority. But don’t worry, there are ways that you can minimize your work.

Good quality koi are expensive, and so before you get started with koi keeping, you will need to make some kind of investment in terms of good quality fish pond supplies. These include a pump and filter, netting to protect the fish from predators including birds and small mammals, as well as the ongoing food requirements of the fish.

Filtration for Koi Ponds

Filtration of koi pond water is highly recommended, not only to minimize maintenance of the pond, but also to keep the water healthy and clear and to enable you to see the beautiful fish in the water.

The most popular filtration amongst keepers of koi is a biological filter through which the water is recirculated by a suitable pump. Biological filters comprise several layers of special filter media, including open-cell foam, gravel and sand, and as the water passes through the material, bacteria and other waste materials get left behind. The filter runs continuously, and establishes a natural method of actually breaking down the waste so that it is no longer harmful.

A Selection Of The Best Bio Filters

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Like any machinery or equipment, pumps and filters need to be maintained. But if you keep the pump clean and replace the filter media from time to time, before it gets completely clogged, then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Pond Skimmers and Aerators for Koi Ponds

A pond skimmer connected to the pump that directs water into the filtration system will remove floating algae and other materials from the surface of the water. This further minimizes pond maintenance.

A pond aerator will ensure that there is sufficient oxygen in the water and will also help to keep it clear and healthy. Unless yours is a very large pond, a surface aerator will be more than adequate. Getting one with fountain fittings will add charm to your pond.

Manual Koi Pond Maintenance

Even with all the aids mentioned above, it is essential to remove floating debris manually whenever you can. For example, if there has been heavy rain or a lot of wind, leaves and twigs are sure to find their way into the water. If they are not removed, they will sink to the bottom of the pond and start to decay.

Testing pond water regularly is another vital element of koi pond maintenance.

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You can buy a variety of test kits that will enable you to check the pH as well as the hardness of the water, and to see accurately how much ammonia and nitrates there are in the water. You can also buy oxygen test kits to ensure there is sufficient oxygen in the water.

If the water balance in your pond isn’t right, then you will need to take immediate action to rectify it before it adversely affects the fish.

Fortunately there are many specialist products that you can use See our selection above or a reputable pond supply dealer will be able to give you all the advice you need.

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