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Important Pond Accessories to Improve the Look of Your Fishpond



What Are Pond Accessories?

Fish pond accessories are the things that make your pond look more attractive, and you will find some, but not all of them, alongside all your other fish pond supplies.

Once you have an established fish pond you can start to do things that will improve it, including adding some interesting pond accessories.

Think of them as your finishing touches. Click the links below:

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Of course, not all fish ponds need to be accessorized, but even a natural-style pond can benefit from the addition of bubbling water from a concealed fountain or from some colorful lilies.

So how do you decide whether you need fish pond accessories or not?

Does Your Pond Need Pond Accessories?

Basically it has a lot to do with presentation.

Water on its own is cleansing, cooling and essentially restful – unless it is moving, in which case it can be incredibly invigorating and even exciting. While color might add to the picture, it might detract from it. Manmade elements like chairs, benches, bridges and gazebos might increase function around a pond, but they too may reduce the impact and appeal of the pond itself.

What this should tell you is that accessorizing a pond is not a simple matter and you should think carefully before adding these so-called finishing touches. But it is also where your creativity can kick in, so don’t be intimidated.

Here are some ideas related to the list above:

  • Fountain features are an accessory that is relatively easy to introduce. The only pond that won’t benefit is one that is designed for reflection. Fountains, either on their own or as part of an aerator device, will add not only visual interest, but also sound.
  • Pond lights bring ponds and other water features to life at night. Some of the cleverest pond accessories come in the form of floating lights and those that combine other features with lighting effects.
  • Fake rocks may sound like a cop-out, but they may be categorized as both a decorative and a practical garden pond accessory. Many rockeries and waterfalls have been created with fake rocks that look incredibly like the real thing, and wonderfully effective. Nowadays a variety of features, that look remarkably like fake rocks, are also available for hiding equipment including pumps, filters and skimmers.
  • Bridges are ideal where water needs to be crossed, but they can also be introduced as a visual accessory. For example, a bridge cleverly positioned, supposedly upstream from a pond, can give the impression that water is flowing into the pond. Look closely and you will see that there is no water under the bridge at all. Well done, it is just the lie of the land!
  • Pots are a common and easily accessible accessory, but one that is more at home around a formal pond than one that is supposed to appear natural. Imaginatively planted, pots can add color, pattern and texture to the final picture.
  • Gazebos and arbors are accessories that can add character to the greater pond picture. Generally they will be nearby, but not too close , leading people towards the pond or encouraging them to stop and look towards the pond.
  • Garden furniture is often located with gazebos, to make the act of stopping, relaxing and absorbing the pleasure of a pond even more pleasurable.

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