Two tier Fountain for your garden pond

Water Fountains for Your Garden Pond – 7 Ideas


Water Fountains For Your Garden Pond

There are a wide range of pond spitters or water fountains for your garden pond available, and your choice will enable you to introduce instant sound and movement to the garden or patio. The ornamental design of many precast products will add charm and character to the area, while the fountain jet itself may be exploited as a form of living sculpture. Whether you choose to install a fountain as a feature on its own or as part of a larger water garden, the procedures to be followed are the same.

For many centuries, water fountains were an essential element of garden design. They were found in the inner courtyards of ancient communities, often constructed as the focal point in Medieval gardens and they marked the center point in many European towns and villages. A number of the great 16th and 17th Century castles, villas and mansions in Britain and Europe boasted spectacular designs.

Here are 7 water fountains below for you to get some ideas

Idea – 1 a wall mounted spout

A simple water fountain, mounted on a wall, squirts into a shallow brick pond.

Contemporary fountains are constructed on a much smaller scale, and are frequently found in gardens created in a particular style. Italianate gardens, for instance, invariably display lavish designs with flourishes of water; fountains incorporating statuary are the order of the day in those established in the Victorian genre; and simple bamboo fountains are frequently found in the Japanese-style garden.

Here are a couple of fun pond spitters that could be used for your fountain

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Whatever its design, a fountain for your garden pond will introduce sound and movement to the garden or patio, and capture the exhilarating combination of light and water.

While most fountains are appropriate to the formal pool, many precast units are equally suitable as a water feature on their own. Designs range from the grand and classical designs, which incorporate tiers and extravagant ornamentation, to simple bird-baths converted to accommodate a variety of spitter fountain heads.

Idea – 2 A classic cherub two-tier fountain

fountain bird bath
An elaborate fountain positioned as the focal point of an entrance patio.

There is a suitable fountain for every type of outdoor area, from the smallest townhouse patio to the largest property incorporating rolling lawns and lakes.

Although many precast fountains for your garden pond are freestanding, some of the most attractive designs may be wall mounted, creating ideal decorations for courtyards and patio areas. Alternatively, you may prefer to make your own feature using bowls, sealed plant pots, wooden tubs, or any other suitable containers.

You may prefer to dispense with ornamentation completely and install your fountain fittings so that the water jets out of the pond itself, or perhaps spurts over an expanse of pebbles.

Whatever your choice, you will need a suitable pump, powerful enough to shoot the spray above the container to the desired height. Submersible pumps are quite adequate for most garden fountains, and if you want to activate more than one at a time, it may be sensible to opt for a robust surface pump. You may have to utilize one of these larger pieces of equipment if a very high head of water is required, as in a sizeable, multi-tiered construction. A fountain incorporated in a swimming pool arrangement may be operated by the pool pump.

Spurting wall-mounted fountains do not require a jet nozzle, but upward-spraying water features usually incorporate these simple mechanisms to add interest. The jet fitting chosen will depend on the particular effect you wish to achieve. There are many different spray patterns available including bell-, dome- and tulip-shaped jets, as well as multi-tiered spray jets which are designed to create a swirling effect, and foam jets which create the impression of a bubbling geyser.

Idea – 3 An elegant black dish with a full flow fountain

Garden water fountain
A attractive multi tiered garden pond with a gushing fountain.

There is, of course, nothing to prevent you from alternating one or two of these from time to time, depending on your mood or the occasion.

Connection to the pump is simple, although you may need to attach an additional length of tubing between the two units to camouflage the pump properly.

Although the appeal of most water features is in their natural beauty, illuminated fountains can add something quite special to patios and other outdoor areas. An underwater lamp, for instance, may be hidden in such a way that it creates a dramatic effect at night.

Lighting up your water fountain at night is a no-brainer

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Self-contained illuminated designs may incorporate a spotlight encased in a waterproof container, with different colored lenses so you can change the color of the light. Some manufacturers have developed revolving lights which produce an interesting kaleidoscope of color.

Idea – 4 A shower spray that creates a circular pattern

The water fountain that you choose for your garden more than likely has a spray nozzle as part of the kit. But this picture above shows a nozzle that creates a really great pattern on the water.

Idea – 5 A multi-spout for a natural pond

Water fountain in pond

If you have a natural looking pond like this one then this multi-spray nozzle will really add to the look of your pond.

Idea – 6 Elegant two tier fountain

two tier water fountain

This two tier water fountain does not have a gushing flow of water but rather the water trickles out of the top level and slowly drips down to the lower level. This can be a perfect way to attract birds to your garden.

Idea – 7 A classic three tier water fountain

Three tier water fountain

This three tier water fountain gives this pond a classic feel with the water flowing down quite gently.

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