cascade after

Planter Cascade

Easy To Build Planter Cascade Small patio features often benefit from the addition of potted plants. This planter cascade is no exception, and look-alike planters have been used to contain both water and plants. Although...
finished natural pond

Small Natural-looking Pond

Install a Small Natural-looking Pond Although many small water features look artificial, it is possible to create a small natural-looking pond on a very small scale. This has the appearance of rock and you can...
Water trickles out of urn

Flowing Urn

Flowing Urn Water Feature An ordinary urn, manufactured for pot plants, makes an attractive Flowing Urn water feature in a compact border bed. It takes up little space and introduces the sight and sound of...
African pots

3 Easy Small Water Features

3 Easy Small Water Features For those who do not have the time or space to construct a lavish water garden, here are 3 easy small features that will transform dull corner of the patio...
stepping pads pond

Simple Stepping Stones

Easy to Build Simple Stepping Stones Designed to allow access from the garden to a stairway built alongside the house, these simple stepping stones are topped with non-slip marble tiles. Supporting piers 500 mm (1...

A Simple Wooden Bridge

Build Yourself A Simple Wooden Bridge A simple wooden bridge can be both practical and attractive, adding to the appeal of most water gardens. This design incorporates straightforward handrails and a slightly arched walkway, A...
Japanese Bridge

Crossing Water

The Best Bridges For Crossing Water Bridges for crossing water and stepping stones offer us the opportunity for crossing water, in both aesthetic and practical ways. They also enable us to gain closer access to...
shishi odoshi Fountain

Japanese Feature Fountain

Traditional Japanese Feature Fountain (shishi odoshi) This Japanese feature fountain, modeled on a traditional "shishi odoshi", enhances a pebble garden planted with grasses, bamboo and suitable shrubs. There is nothing to stop you erecting it so...

Pebble Fountain

This is a Simple Pebble Water Fountain A Simple Pebble water fountain does make a simple yet effective garden display. They do not take up much space, so may be sited in the smallest area;...

3 Bowl Fountain

Make An Attractive 3 Bowl Water Fountain Unusual fountain arrangements for small patios and courtyards are not always available ready-made. However, with a little imagination you can create something quite special using pots, bowls or...
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