Pond design ideas

Understanding Fish Pond Design

Many people call in landscapers when they decide to do garden improvements which include the creation of water features and construction of ponds. Other people opt to do everything themselves because they find fish...
koi pond fountain

Important Pond Accessories to Improve the Look of Your Fishpond

Once you have an established fish pond you can start to do things that will improve it, including adding some interesting pond accessories. What Are Pond Accessories? Fish pond accessories are the things that make your...
pond plants

Choosing Koi Pond Plants

Picture by: https://www.morguefile.com/creative/mensatic Choosing the Best Pond Plants for Your Koi Pond Planting a koi pond is a challenge that offers great rewards. Not only will the flowers and foliage of the koi pond plants look...
perfect pond supplies

Assessing Pond Supply Needs

Assess What Your Pond Supply Needs Are Before you go shopping for fish pond supplies you need to assess your needs in exactly the same way as you do when you shop for groceries, for...
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