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Selecting Koi Fish Supplies 6 Tips

Quality Koi Fish Supplies

If you are planning to build your first koi pond, or have just started keeping koi, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the full range of koi fish supplies available.

Found alongside general fish pond supplies, items specifically intended for koi carp range from temporary koi ponds or tanks (primarily for breeders and enthusiasts who want to show their koi), to koi fish food and various products that will help you test pond water to ensure that it stays clean and healthy.

Food for Koi Fish

Food is one of the most important of all koi fish supplies.

It is essential to feed koi good quality food to ensure that they grow and develop their typically beautiful colors and patterns. But it is very important not to over-feed koi (or other fish for that matter). Only give them as much as they can eat in three to five minutes.

Normally sold in the form of pellets, koi food must be fresh and must be disposed of if it is more than about three months old, as it will start to oxidize.

Don’t Skimp, Get The Best

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Medication for Koi

Unfortunately, koi do sometimes get sick. But if you watch their eating habits and notice that this or the shape and color of the fish change suddenly, or that they are behaving strangely in some other way (for example swimming off balance), you will need to take immediate action.

The first step is to remove the problem fish from the water, and put it into quarantine, in a temporary pond. Then it may be necessary to treat the pond water to ensure that the other fish don’t also get sick.

Medication for koi fish includes:

  • medicated koi food
  • treatments for external parasites, including anchor worms and fish lice
  • treatments for internal parasites, particularly worms
  • bacterial and anti-bacterial treatments
  • bacterial treatments specifically for gills
  • ulcer treatments, including powders and bandages

Pumps, Filters and Aerators

Besides koi fish supplies, if you are going to keep koi, you will have to make an investment in terms of time and money, even if you don’t buy the most expensive koi available.

Apart from building a suitable pond, you will need to run it efficiently and keep the water healthy.

Essential equipment to keep koi pond water clean and healthy includes pumps, filters and aerators. You choice will depend on the size of the pond as well as the number and size of fish you are going to stock it with.

Pond Aerators Come In From Expensive To Reasonable, Here Are Some That Are Highly Rated And Reasonable

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Koi Tanks and Nets

Koi tanks are really just temporary ponds. Usually made from vinyl that is held in place on a metal frame of some sort, they are ideal for enthusiasts wanting to show their koi, as well as for raising baby fingerlings and for tending to sick fish.

Pond cover nets keep koi safe from predators including young mammals and large birds.

Pond Water Test Kits and Water Treatment Products

Water chemistry plays an important role in keeping koi successfully. Like swimming pool water, pond water should be checked at least once a month – and more frequently if it becomes cloudy or murky.

You can buy test kits that will enable you to check:

  • pH – acidity
  • KH – carbonate hardness
  • GH – general hardness
  • nitrite content of the water
  • ammonia in the water
  • salinity levels

Like all things in life, prevention is always better than cure.

And your koi will thank you for caring!

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