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30 Step-By-Step Ponds For You


30 Step-by-Step Ponds Water Features

You will find in this section of our website 30 easy to follow Step-by-Step Ponds and how-to’s  to build all these Ponds, Pools, Water Features and Rockeries. Listed below are the links to the various sections, just click on each link that you want to go to those pages.

There is nothing more restful and satisfying as having your own backyard pond.


This section looks at the history of water gardens and then we look at how to get ideas and inspiration for your water garden or pond. Planning your pond or water feature is covered as well as safety while you build and after completion of your backyard project.

Sacred lily

For centuries, water has been a source of fascination and inspiration to people of all cultures, making it a common feature of garden design world-wide. This is not surprising since it introduces a magical, sometimes mystical element that is cleansing, cooling and restful. It can also captivate the senses, creating an air of excitement and adding a soothing or splashing sound. Whether your garden is large or small… <Read More>


building tools with a new brick pond

You do not have to be an experienced builder to construct or install a water feature. There are various types of ponds which you can easily build yourself, as well as fountains and smaller features that take the minimum of time and effort, and very few skills. There are, however, certain basic building principles which should be completely understood… <Read More>

A three tier water feature on a slope

Bricks and mortar, rocks and concrete, clay or even a simple plastic liner are materials that can all be used to build a water feature. Various precast units may be used as fountains, and there are ready-made ponds available which can be sunk into the ground. Timber may be utilized for bridges, decking and jetties, and there is a wealth of other materials available to … <Read More>


You can create this natural looking pondBefore you begin building or installing your water feature, it is sensible to ascertain exactly what the cost of your pond is going to be. Quantifying the Cost of Your Pond is an essential step before you even begin. While many of the items required may simply be priced at the source of supply, some materials will have to be quantified … <Read More>

Set out a circle or an oval

The simplest pond to set out is an irregular one which is to be sealed either with a flexible liner, concrete, clay or bentonite clay. Here accuracy is not essential, providing you maintain the basic size and shape you have used for estimating materials. When utilizing a rigid shell, you can place this… <Read More>


An unusual water feature across a driveway

Once your water feature is complete, you may connect the electrics, fit the pump and perhaps a filter, and make sure you are happy with the lighting arrangements in this part of your garden or patio. Plants and fish may now be introduced to ponds, pools… <Read More>


koi pond

Most ponds and pools are permanent features which are constructed using rocks, bricks, concrete and other materials. These structures can be set in the ground, raised above the level of the surrounding garden or patio, and have either a formal or informal appearance. Even a prefabricated… <Read More>



Pond reflections

The two basic garden types are defined as formal and informal. Formal ponds and pools and informal ponds and pools are classified in the same way. There is a tendency to refer to the formal version as a pool and the informal as a pond, which iis not strictly correct. Some garden… <Read More>


Formal Face Brick Pond >>

Formal Face Brick Pond Step-by-step. A formal face brick pond that is a reflective pond need not necessarily be large. Provided a portion of the water surface is kept clear of plant life, even the smallest pond can have dramatic, reflective qualities. <Read More>

Pond With Planters >>

Build a Pond With Planters. Imaginative design and creative thinking will enable you to build this pond with planters which incorporates two planters and a fountain feature. This enchanting formal koi pond combines the benefits of a reflective water surface with the sight and sound of water… <Read More>

Water Feature Pond >>

Build a Water Feature Pond. This attractive water feature pond, which combines a small pool and fountain, was constructed alongside a courtyard wall. It makes use of a small recess and has been rendered (plastered) and painted to match the existing wall. It measures less than one square meter (10 sq ft) in area, but the pool is 440 mm (nearly 18 in) deep and quite adequate for… <Read More>


lily pond with a waterfall

Unless the architectural genre of your house fits a formal garden style, it is likely that you will plant the garden in an informal manner. Even if your house is formal in style, you may still decide on a more casual or… <Read More>

Install a PreFormed Pond >>

How to Install a Preformed Pond. This type of preformed pond is undoubtedly the simplest and most foolproof of all, as the “precast” or preformed pond shell guarantees instant results. The designs available and materials used to manufacture the preformed pond shell will differ in various areas, but the principles involved in sinking one of these ponds remain the same. … <Read More>

How To Build a Small Duck Pond >>

We Show You How to Build a Small Duck Pond. Ducks will make themselves at home in just about any reasonable container of water, from a large bowl to a swimming pool. If you are going to build a small duck pond specially for ducks, any construction method is suitable. Flexible pond liners… <Read More>

How To Make a Bentonite Clay Pond >>

A Bentonite Clay Pond Step-by-Step. Also known as Clay Puddling, this is how you make a natural pond without a liner. To create this bentonite clay pond the bentonite clay enables you to create a beautifully natural-looking pond, it is inexpensive and relatively simple to use. No special skills are necessary, and it will… <Read More>

Informal DIY Koi Pond

Build a DIY Koi Pond. Roughly formed with concrete, this DIY koi pond was specially designed to accommodate and display a small quantity of koi. It is 500 mm (1 ft 8 in) deep, the minimum required for these… <Read More>


A natural pond style with hippoHow To Build Natural Water Gardens. Where water occurs naturally in the garden, very little maintenance is necessary except tidying up and weeding the area. Natural Water Gardens are usually easy to maintain. If indigenous moisture-loving plants are already present, the water will attract all types of wildlife… <Read More>

Bog Garden >>

How To Build A Bog Garden. Although built as a separate unit, this bog garden is close enough to the adjacent pond to appear as if it is a natural extension. Construction is elementary and will not take long. Any flexible liner is suitable and the bog garden will be most successful if you install underground irrigation to keep the soil moist in the most natural way. <Read More>

Moving Water >>

Create Moving Water In Your Garden. For many, the sound of splashing water from either a fountain feature or a cascade or waterfall, thrills the senses. While still, reflective pools have a soothing effect. The element of moving water adds excitement, and even the tiniest trickle of water in a stream will make a… <Read More>

Wandering Watercourse >>

Create a Wandering Watercourse. This meandering watercourse flows between man-made ponds in an expansive garden. Although there is no obvious movement, it is in fact pumped, and aeration of the water keeps it so clear you can see the river stones at the base of the stream. <Read More>

Splashing Waterfall >>

Build a Splashing Waterfall. A charming, natural-looking splashing waterfall links two ponds constructed at different levels of a sloping garden. Both ponds were built with concrete and then plastered, and a series of rocks cemented into place around the edges to hide the structure. Plants further soften… <Read More>

Multiple Cascade >>

Build a Multiple Cascade Pond. Instead of the usual pond with rockeries and a waterfall supplied with recirculating water, this multiple cascade pond is made up of eight tiered pools of varying sizes, five of which incorporate slate spillways. It was… <Read More>

Water Fountains For Your Garden Pond

A two-tier pond with water fountainYou have a wide range of water fountains to choose from for your garden pond, and your choice will enable you to introduce instant sound and movement to the garden or patio. The ornamental design of many precast products will add charm and character to the area, while the fountain jet itself may be exploited as a form of living sculpture … <Read More>

BirdBath Fountain >>

A Simple BirdBath FountainThis project proves that even the simplest birdbath fountain can make a pleasing and versatile water feature. While most birdbaths are made from precast concrete, this one was molded from much lighter fiber cement, then painted to look like marble. You will find that most birdbaths are… <Read More>

PreFormed Fountain Feature >>

How to Install a Preformed Pond. This type of preformed pond is undoubtedly the simplest and most foolproof of all, as the “precast” or preformed pond shell guarantees instant results. The designs available and materials used to manufacture the preformed pond shell will differ in various areas, but the principles involved… <Read More>

Wall Mounted Fountain >>

Easy Wall Mounted Fountain. Various precast, wall mounted fountains are available. Some, like this one, are supplied in two parts, but assembled as one unit, while others, also consisting of an ornamental outlet and catchment container, are secured to the wall at two separate points. Some are molded as a single… <Read More>

3 Bowl Water Fountain >>

Make An Attractive 3 Bowl Water Fountain.Unusual fountain arrangements for small patios and courtyards are not always available ready-made. However, with a little imagination you can create something quite special using pots, bowls or even wooden tubs, provided they are watertight. This Unusual & attractive 3 bowl fountain project does not require any building skills and can… <Read More>

Pebble Fountain >>

This Is a Simple Pebble Water Fountain. A Simple Pebble water fountain does make a simple yet effective garden display. They do not take up much space, so may be sited in the smallest area; alternatively, they may be included in a much larger landscaping scheme. You can site a pebble fountain in lawn, although it will be easier to maintain if… <Read More>

Japanese Feature Fountain >>

Traditional Japanese Feature Fountain (shishi odoshi). This Japanese feature fountain, modeled on a traditional “shishi odoshi”, enhances a pebble garden planted with grasses, bamboo and suitable shrubs. There is nothing to stop you erecting it so that the water from the bamboo pipes flows into an appropriately designed koi pond… <<Read More>>


A Japanese style bridge over a pondThe Best Bridges For Crossing Water. Bridges for crossing water and stepping stones offer us the opportunity for crossing water, in both aesthetic and practical ways. They also enable us to gain closer access to the water and to admire and enjoy it from a vantage point other than along its shores. Carefully planned and properly… <Read More>

A Simple Wooden Bridge >>
Build Yourself A Simple Wooden Bridge. A simple wooden bridge can be both practical and attractive, adding to the appeal of most water gardens. This design incorporates straightforward handrails and a slightly arched walkway, A properly treated softwood bridge, like this one, will give you many years of<Read More>

Simple Stepping Stones >>
Easy to Build Simple Stepping Stones. Designed to allow access from the garden to a stairway built alongside the house, these simple stepping stones are topped with non-slip marble tiles. Supporting piers 500 mm (1 ft 8 in) high have been made with bricks and mortar, while the surface… <<Read More>>

3 Easy Small Water Features

flowing clay pots fountain3 Easy Small Water Features. For those who do not have the time or space to construct a lavish water garden, here are 3 easy small features that will transform dull corner of the patio or garden. There are numerous ideas around but these we have chosen as the three easiest for anyone to do. These range from a simple stone basin to small… <<Read More>>

Flowing Urn >>
Flowing Urn Water Feature.An ordinary urn, manufactured for pot plants, makes an attractive Flowing Urn water feature in a compact border bed. It takes up little space and introduces the sight and sound of trickling water. Although various containers may be used, a shaped vessel is preferable. You will need to… <<Read More>>

Small Natural-Looking Pond >>
Install a Small Natural-looking Pond. Although many small water features look artificial, it is possible to create a small natural-looking pond on a very small scale. This has the appearance of rock and you can choose any simulated stone product or even a small fiberglass shell. In some places, thermoplastic liners are manufactured to look like simulated rock. Installation of this… <<Read More>>

Planter Cascade >>

Easy To Build Planter Cascade. Small patio features often benefit from the addition of potted plants. This planter cascade is no exception, and look-alike planters have been used to contain both water and plants. Although the containers may be made of various materials, they should be geometric and regular in shape. Sizes may be different to those illustrated, provided they fit… <<Read More>>


Glossary of terms used in step-by-step ponds

This is a glossary of terms that we have used throughout the website and will help you understand what the instructions are referring to in any of the building and construction of step-by-step ponds and pages.
<<Read More>>

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