Wall mount Fountain
Proof that even the simplest wall-mounted fountain can add charm and instant ambiance to any patio, however plain and ordinary.

Easy Wall Mounted Fountain

Various precast, wall mounted fountains are available. Some, like this one, are supplied in two parts, but assembled as one unit, while others, also consisting of an ornamental outlet and catchment container, are secured to the wall at two separate points. Some are molded as a single unit, with a head of some kind and a basin. While the basic installation is the same for all designs, the pipework of a two-part fountain will have to be embedded in the wall as illustrated in the Pond with Planters. Apart from the fountain itself, minimal materials are required for this project. Note, however, that the number and size of screws and other accessories may alter according to the design.

02 Wall mount Fountain before 1024x650 - Wall Mounted Fountain
An uninteresting expanse of wall at the end of a raised patio.


precast fountain for mounting on a wall
4 x No. 8 x 50 mm (2 in) screws
4 x M8 Rawl plugs
1 x 1m x 10mm (1yd x 3/8 in) flexible tubing
1 x submersible pump, with 700 mm (2 ft 4 in) water head (or less)
outdoor cable and conduit


03 mark vertical line 300x274 - Wall Mounted Fountain
Step 1.

Step 1. Decide exactly where your fountain is to be mounted and mark a vertical line on the wall using a carpenter’s pencil and spirit level for accuracy.

04 measure fountain top 300x280 - Wall Mounted Fountain
Step 2.

Step 2. Now use a retractable tape to measure the point where the top (or bottom) of the fountain will be positioned. This one will be affixed about 200 mm (8 in)from the top of a 1.8 m- (6 ft-) high wall. Measure the full height of the mold and mark the position of its lowest point on the wall.

Step 3. Before you attach anything to the wall, mark where the top of the basin will be positioned on the wall. Since it is essential that your container is absolutely straight, use a spirit level rather than rely on your own judgement.

05 Predrill holes 300x240 - Wall Mounted Fountain
Step 4.

Step 4. Pre-drill two holes in the basin, using the appropriate bit for the material you are working with – in this particular case, a masonry bit. Also make absolutely sure that the bit is the correct size for the screws you are using.

06 attach basin 300x271 - Wall Mounted Fountain
Step 5.

Step 5. Attach the basin to the wall, double- checking that it is absolutely level.

07 insert tubing 300x281 - Wall Mounted Fountain
Step 6.

Step 6. Insert the tubing through the lion’s mouth, ensuring there is sufficient to extend to the pump below.

08 screw top panel 300x300 - Wall Mounted Fountain
Step 7.

Step 7. Screw the top panel to the wall as before. Make certain the bottom connects snugly with the basin and that the sides are perfectly vertical. Since there is a slight gap between the panel and the wall, you can ease the tubing into position so that it protrudes between the two sections of the fountain. Make absolutely sure there are no kinks in the tubing or the water will not be able to flow properly.

Step 8. Using a sharp utility knife, trim the tubing so that it does not extend beyond the lion’s mouth.

09 attach pump 300x300 - Wall Mounted Fountain
Step 9.

Step 9. Attach the pump outlet and tubing.

Step 10. Now fill your fountain with water.

Step 11. You will need to plug the pump into a nearby power point to operate the fountain. There are various way of doing this, see Building Basics for more info.

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