Backyard Pond bridge


  1. Nick stevens says:

    Good evening.
    My name is Nick in England UK SN11 9EN.
    I’m a full time carer to 3 adult specialness daughters, with various physical, mental and emotional needs.
    I have a small pond which I sit next to to Ave a deep breath to try to relax.
    I’m looking to build an above ground koi pond next to the house with a window in it and filter system.
    Would you have any ideas without any money for me to build one?
    Many thanks for listening

    1. Hi Nick, Thanks for visiting my website. Unfortunately, any pond building will cost some money and it varies according to the type and size that you build. A pond with a glass window is more specialised and the reinforced glass and waterproofing will also add to the cost. I am sorry to not give you any help but what you want is a specialised job. You could purchase a glass fishtank from a 2nd hand shop and place that above ground but again you will need to give the tank sone shade and shelter. Another thing that you will need is electricity to run the pump and filter and you will need a qualified professional to do that. Please do not do any work with electrics if you are not qualified. Maybe just stick to the pond that you have. Regards, Janek

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